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Global Expansion | INTERGEO Germany Witnesses Manifold Tech's International Journey

On October 12, 2023, the three-day "INTERGEO 2023" in Berlin, Germany, came to a successful close.

At the INTERGEO Germany exhibition, Manifold Tech impressed numerous industry experts, researchers, and investors with its advanced 3D scanning technology and intelligent three-dimensional reconstruction solutions.

Manifold Tech at INTERGEO

1. What is INTERGEO?

This edition of INTERGEO attracted nearly 17,000 industry professionals from 112 countries to visit the exhibition, along with 841 industry experts from 42 countries, including over 300 keynote speakers.

The exhibition focused on the theme "From Global Monitoring to Local Action" and highlighted technologies that are closely aligned with the development of the times, such as Earth observation and environmental monitoring, smart cities, BIM (Building Information Modeling) for infrastructure, digital twins, marine solutions, 4D geographic data, and 3D cadastral surveying. It fully showcased the vital importance of geographic information for global sustainability.

The exhibition site

2. Manifold Tech's "Smart" Dialogue with the World

The Manifold Tech team showcased the latest trends and application cases of 3D handheld scanners, demonstrating the capabilities of the MindPalace device for lightweight, real-time, and precise data capture, complemented by its intelligent system.

Users can view real-time data acquisition through MindCloud-Go on their mobile devices and perform various edits on the collected data via MindCloud on their PCs, providing an all-in-one post-processing solution.

bustling on-site operation of the MindPalace

The team used the MindPalace to scan the Manifold Tech booth in real-time, achieving a precise recreation of indoor and outdoor three-dimensional scenes with mesh textures generated directly on a PC within 2 minutes.

Compared to conventional scanners, the MindPalace excels in scanning time, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, portability, and intelligent data distribution, among other aspects.

The original appearance of the Manifold Tech booth

Real-time mesh texturing at the Manifold Tech booth

Indoor and outdoor 3D model point cloud diagram

3. Aiming at the World, Global Arrangement

Since its inception in Hong Kong, Manifold Tech has left its mark in various countries, including Austria, Japan, and Germany, showcasing its "smart" manufacturing capabilities. Manifold Tech has never ceased its global expansion efforts.

At the INTERGEO Germany exhibition, Manifold Tech engaged in extensive discussions with international peers and received numerous offers of collaboration from all five continents.

Over a hundred companies from 21 countries are willing to build partnerships with Manifold Tech in product development, marketing, and more. These include investment institutions, leading companies in the surveying industry, benchmark enterprises in the field of three-dimensional reconstruction, as well as government representatives from various regions.

Multiple parties willingness to cooperate

4. Riding the Momentum, Returning with Acclaim

As a regular participant in international exhibitions, Manifold Tech remains true to its original aspirations, continuously refining its products, and providing groundbreaking solutions to users worldwide.

In the future, Manifold Tech will continue to transform technological insights into products and productivity, forging ahead and living up to its acclaim.

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