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Hong Kong History Museum Renovation: MindForm Technology Safeguards Cultural Memory

As a landmark of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong History Museum undoubtedly carries the cultural memory of the city. As a leading global 3D reconstruction company, MindForm Technologies has also contributed its technical prowess to support the recent upgrade and construction project of the Hong Kong Museum of History.

1. The Hong Kong Museum of History

Covering a total area of 18,500 square meters, the Hong Kong Museum of History includes permanent exhibition halls spanning 7,000 square meters. These interiors feature diverse architectural styles from various historical periods, ranging from traditional Chinese architecture to modern designs. The museum is organized across multiple floors, housing artifacts and exhibits related to different historical periods or themes.

2. Exhibit Area Renovation: Vast in Size, Complex in Structure

To refresh the permanent exhibits within the museum, the "Hong Kong Story" exhibition underwent a comprehensive upgrade in 2020 and is scheduled to reopen by the end of 2023. Throughout the museum's renovation process, the construction team required a full-scale scan of the building, which presented challenges due to the diverse architectural styles, multi-level spaces, complex layout of exhibition halls, requirements for artifact preservation, and historical heritage considerations.

3. Real-time Restoration, Precise Capture

Manifold Tech was invited by a globally renowned architectural engineering consultancy to employ their cutting-edge device, the MindPalace-360, to perform crucial scanning work on the museum, effectively addressing this complex engineering challenge. Faced with the aforementioned difficulties, MindForm Technologies applied an industry-leading 3D reconstruction technique based on multi-sensor fusion. This approach accurately captured intricate details and structures within the Hong Kong Museum of History, resulting in high-quality 3D reconstruction.

The company's engineers utilized their in-house product, MindPalace-360, to scan both the indoor and outdoor exhibition halls, as well as the outdoor parking area of the Hong Kong Museum of History, covering an extensive area of tens of thousands of square meters. The team effortlessly completed comprehensive scans of ceilings and floors. In a mere 20 minutes, the MindPalace-360 achieved centimeter-level high-precision reconstruction.

MindPalace-360's capability to transform complex and intricate architectural structures into computer models within approximately 20 minutes drastically reduced the duration of the three-dimensional scanning process from months to hours. This innovation saved substantial manpower and resources. Based on the reconstructed 3D models, the construction team compared them with engineering drawings, precisely identifying discrepancies and facilitating meticulous management of the museum's construction process.

Through Manifold Tech's cutting-edge technology and solutions, has successfully resolved engineering challenges for numerous renowned structures. The company is committed to promoting technological innovation in the realm of landmark architecture, with the aim of making a greater contribution to cultural heritage preservation and the construction industry as a whole.

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