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Manifold Tech Empowers Hong Kong History Museum with Innovative Technology

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

[Hong Kong, 2023/03/13] – Manifold Tech is honoured to present the remarkable contribution to the construction of Hong Kong's iconic landmarks. As a global leader in 3D modelling, we have provided a real-time 3D mapping algorithms and advanced robotics technology to deliver innovative solutions for the development of the Hong Kong History Museum.

The Hong Kong History Museum, located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, holds great significance as an important destination for residents and tourists, providing invaluable insights into the history of Hong Kong. Managed and constructed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the museum has an extensive range of exhibits, including archaeological discoveries, precious artifacts, and historical records, showcasing the natural ecological environment and historical narratives of Hong Kong and southern China spanning four billion years. Covering a total area of 18,500 square meters, the museum features permanent exhibition halls occupying 7,000 square meters, complemented by regular thematic exhibitions such as the renowned "Hong Kong Story" (香港故事).

To revitalize the museum's permanent exhibitions, a large-scale revamped project for the "Hong Kong Stories" exhibition commenced in 2020, with plans to reopen by the end of 2023. During this interim period, an abridged version of the original permanent exhibition titled "Recreating a Classic: The Best Features of the Hong Kong Stories" (经典再现-香港故事精华展) has been carefully compiled to depict the progressive journey of Hong Kong. Throughout the museum's construction process, Manifold Tech responded to the invitation from an esteemed Asian engineering consultancy company, utilizing our advanced flagship equipment, MindPalace-360, to undertake crucial scanning operations.

Leveraging the exceptional capabilities of MindPalace-360 technology, Manifold Tech's team conducted comprehensive scans of the museum's interior and exterior exhibition halls, as well as the outdoor parking areas, covering a vast area spanning tens of thousands of square meters. Achieving unparalleled accuracy within a mere 20-minute timeframe, our equipment attained centimetre-level precision and covered a remarkable 40-meter scanning range in a 360-degree panorama. With effortless approach using handheld devices, our team seamlessly completed comprehensive scans of ceilings and floors. This sophisticated 3D model enables efficient route planning and facilitates the seamless transfer of immense architectural designs to computer systems, resulting in significant savings in both manpower and resources. In contrast, traditional approaches would require at least two months or more to complete while lacking the same level of precision. Moreover, Manifold Tech conducted a comparison of the scanning models between the scanned model and engineering drawings, pinpointing any inconsistencies and showcasing the forefront application of 3D modelling technology.

Through its exceptional expertise and ground-breaking contributions, Manifold Tech has initiated a revolutionary transformation in the construction of the Hong Kong History Museum. We are steadfastly committed to propelling innovative technological applications within the realm of landmark construction, thereby making substantial contributions to the preservation and advancement of Hong Kong's cultural heritage.

The team warmly invites you to follow their official public accounts and website to stay informed about the pioneering advancements made by Manifold Tech in Hong Kong's landmark construction and 3D modelling domains. Let us witness the harmonious fusion of technology and culture, as we inscribe a new chapter in Hong Kong's remarkable journey of progress together!

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