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Manifold Tech Joins NVIDIA Startup Program and Leads 3D Modelling Innovation at BEYOND Expo

Updated: May 31, 2023

[Macau, 2023/04/13] – Manifold Tech, a prominent player in the 3D modelling industry, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its journey. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology in precise real-time full-colour digital modelling, Manifold Tech continues to make waves in the market.

In a momentous achievement, Manifold Tech has been selected to join the highly acclaimed NVIDIA Start-up Program, effective May 2023. This coveted partnership signifies a close collaboration between Manifold Tech and NVIDIA, leveraging their respective strengths in technology and investment to drive innovation and advance the industry.

As a participant in the NVIDIA Start-up Program, Manifold Tech gains access to invaluable resources and support, propelling its ongoing innovation and breakthroughs in the field of 3D modelling. This strategic alliance reaffirms Manifold Tech's commitment to delivering lightweight, precise, and fast solutions that pave the way for the future of digital construction.

Further establishing its industry leadership, Manifold Tech has also received an exclusive invitation to showcase its expertise at the prestigious BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo. Among the select group of eight representative companies from NVIDIA's start-up program, Manifold Tech stands out as a trailblazer in the expo's line-up.

The BEYOND Expo, held at the renowned Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Centre, spans an expansive exhibition area of nearly 100,000 square meters. Drawing more than 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe, including Fortune 500 enterprises, multinational corporations, unicorn start-ups, and emerging ventures, the expo fosters a dynamic platform for comprehensive integration and interactive engagement among industry players.

At the expo, Manifold Tech's booth instantly captured the attention of countless visitors, positioning the company at the forefront of technological innovation. Showcasing its remarkable precision modelling technology, Manifold Tech treated attendees to a captivating visual experience. Particularly notable were their stunning digital replicas of the Hong Kong History Museum and the renowned Tai Pak Seafood Restaurant. Esteemed organizations such as Huawei, Geling, and the Macao Science and Technology Bureau expressed profound interest, stopping by to witness the remarkable capabilities of Manifold Tech's lightweight, precise, and efficient equipment—an instrumental asset for future digital construction endeavours.

Moreover, Manifold Tech was invited to participate in panel forums at the expo, offering insights and expertise alongside industry leaders. Engaging in discussions focused around the transformative power of generative artificial intelligence, Manifold Tech played an active role in shaping the dialogue on industry development.

The company was also honoured to attend the expo's distinguished welcome and leadership banquet, where members of Manifold Tech showcased their exceptional 3D modelling technology. A highlight of the evening was the unveiling of an awe-inspiring, intricately detailed model of The Venetian Macao, leaving attendees in awe of the company's meticulous craftsmanship and capabilities.

Manifold Tech's inclusion in NVIDIA's start-up program and its prominent presence at the BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo underscore its exceptional standing and industry-leading technology in the field of 3D modelling. With an unwavering commitment to delivering lightweight, precise, and swift solutions, Manifold Tech is at the forefront of spearheading digital construction's future development.

For more information about Manifold Tech's ground-breaking innovations and the latest updates in the field of 3D modelling, please visit and follow Manifold Tech’s official website and public accounts. Join the team in witnessing the thriving growth of the science and technology innovation industry.

About Manifold Tech:

Manifold Tech is a globally recognized leader in the field of 3D modelling. With its real-time full-colour digital modelling technology, the company has established itself as a pioneer in delivering precise, efficient, and lightweight solutions. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, Manifold Tech continues to revolutionise the digital construction landscape, empowering clients worldwide to achieve their visionary projects.

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