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Manifold Tech: Platinum Sponsor of 2023 National SLAM Technology Forum

On July 22, 2023, the 4th National SLAM Technology Forum opened its doors. This forum was organized by the China Society of Image and Graphics and hosted by Xiamen University and the CSIG 3D Vision Committee. Manifold Tech participated as a Platinum Sponsor in this forum.

1. Manifold Tech's Focus on the Development of SLAM Technology

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is a technology that enables real-time positioning and mapping in unknown environments. It plays a crucial role in 3D reconstruction and is a key component in Manifold Tech's products.

This forum focused on the cutting-edge development of SLAM and related technologies, as well as the industry opportunities in its application. It aimed to provide a comprehensive platform for showcasing and exchanging SLAM technology and applications, fostering the development of domestic SLAM technology and promoting collaboration between academia, industry, and research.

2. Let the industry hear the voice of Liuxing Technology

The forum invited renowned experts and scholars from China and abroad in the field of SLAM, including Daniel Cremers, Tan Ping, Wang Cheng, Zhang Guofeng, and Yuan Jing. It also attracted teachers and graduate students from numerous prestigious institutions worldwide. The event featured 5 keynote speeches, 7 invited talks, 1 SLAM competition forum, and 2 roundtable discussions.

Dr. Xu Wei, Chief Technical Officer of Manifold Tech, was invited as a guest to participate in technical presentations, roundtable discussions, and other activities. He shared insights into Manifold Tech's exploration and industry perspectives in the field of SLAM technology. Experts and scholars from academia and industry engaged in discussions about new developments and opportunities in SLAM technology.Capturing Reality Beyond Photography.

3. Leaving a photograph is not as good as leaving a form

In a world increasingly reliant on visual communication, capturing moments through photography is often seen as an effective way to document and share important events. However, in complex environments, 2D cameras often fail to provide a sense of spatial depth and detailed information, limiting the intuitive experience.

Manifold Tech's MindPalace-360 on the other hand, generates real-time 3D models to capture every detail of a space. It allows people to create visual floor plans, sectional views, and analyze and understand complex spatial structures and details from every angle and perspective.

On the first day of the exhibition, Manifold Tech's technicians navigated the MindPalace-360 device through the venue building. With a building area of nearly 19,000 square meters, the building houses a 915-seat auditorium, a 508-seat concert hall, and a large exhibition hall of about 2,000 square meters. The MindPalace machine scanned the entire building in 7 minutes, completed decoding in 2 minutes, and presented a white model in 10 seconds. This high-speed 3D mapping demonstrates Manifold Tech's solid capabilities in hardware, software, and algorithms.

As a top event in the field of SLAM-related technologies, this conference brought together leading scholars, engineers, and entrepreneurs from across China and the world. As a sponsor, Manifold Tech engaged in deep discussions with industry leaders during the symposium, accelerating the integration of industry, academia, and research and injecting new momentum into the company's development. In the future, Manifold Tech will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, contribute to industry technological advancement, and explore endless possibilities.

Special thanks: Manifold Tech expresses its gratitude to its strategic partner Fengman Technology for their strong support and assistance in this event.

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