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Manifold Tech Preserves Hong Kong's Heritage with Elevator Project

[Hong Kong, 2023/04/14] – Manifold Tech is thrilled to report an outstanding contributions to the construction of Hong Kong's iconic landmarks and the preservation of its heritage sites. The focus is shifted to the renowned St. Joseph's College, highlighting the exceptional role played by Manifold Tech in the installation of elevators for this prestigious institution.

Established in 1875, St. Joseph's College stands as the first remaining Roman Catholic boys' school in Hong Kong, founded by De La Salle Brothers, as their inaugural educational establishment in the city. Comprising both primary and secondary school, the campus has excelled itself in academic, sporting, cultural, and extracurricular activities, earning a distinguished reputation as a stronghold for excellence and holds historical significance. The campus, located in 7 Kennedy Road and 26 Kennedy Road, has the Charles Kao Block (“Old building”, North Block) and the Chapel Block (West Block), which was both constructed in 1920 and have been declared monuments of Hong Kong. Similarly, the extension building at 26 Kennedy Road, dating back to 1935, carries the distinction of being a Grade 1 historical structure.

However, as a famous heritage site, St. Joseph's College encountered challenges during its engineering renovation. Primarily, the school aspired to install an elevator for its students, but the preparation of installing requires complete and accurate 3D blueprints to precisely replicate the pre-installation state of the elevator with utmost precision. Additionally, given the college's location on a significant road in Kennedy Town, surrounded by high-ranking officials, construction activities were restricted to the early morning hours when road closures were permissible. This circumstance demanded exact three-dimensional drawings to enable computer-based equipment routing and construction planning, adhering strictly to a meticulous schedule for the elevator's installation.

In response to these formidable challenges, Manifold Tech showcased its unwavering expertise. Leveraging our advanced flagship software and hardware device, MindPalace-360, our team embarked on a comprehensive scanning and stitching process to capture the exterior and four floors of St. Joseph's College. The MindPalace-360 product incorporates our world-leading multi-sensor 3D mapping algorithm, engineered to harness the advantages of advanced sensors such as LiDAR, cameras, and inertial units, capitalizing on each sensor's respective strengths. Additionally, the algorithm boasts world-leading operational efficiency when combined with the latest mobile processors from NVIDIA, MindPalace-360 achieves real-time, high-precision three-dimensional dense mapping in full colour—an achievement yet unmatched by competing products in the market. With the support of MindPalace-360, we successfully generated a complete and precise three-dimensional scan drawing, effectively resolving the complexities associated with the elevator installation at St. Joseph's College.

At Manifold Tech, the team remain steadfast in their commitment to safeguarding Hong Kong's cultural heritage. By harnessing innovative three-dimensional modelling techniques, the team extend invaluable support to the preservation of heritage sites and engineering projects. Manifold Tech’s solutions not only facilitate convenience and efficiency in Hong Kong's landmark projects but also guarantee the protection and restoration of historical buildings. At the heart of the team’s success lies the remarkable MindPalace-360 device—a testament to the team’s pride. Its unparalleled attributes, including high precision, speed, and reliability, have set a new industry benchmark for heritage preservation and landmark construction in Hong Kong.

Manifold Tech remains dedicated to leveraging modern technology in our pursuit of innovative solutions for Hong Kong's landmark projects and heritage preservation. Stay connected with Manifold Tech through their official account and website to stay informed about their outstanding achievements in the field of landmark construction in Hong Kong. Let us forge a future where we unite in safeguarding Hong Kong's cultural heritage and continue scripting a tale of magnificence together!

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