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HKU Prize Fuels Manifold Tech: Advancing Product-Research Integration

On June 5th, 2023, the University of Hong Kong's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day, 'DREAMON Pursuit 2023,' was successfully held. Numerous emerging entrepreneurs from Hong Kong gathered at the University of Hong Kong's Centennial Campus Lecture Hall to witness the establishment of the University of Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Center and the launch of the HKU Entrepreneurship Engine Fund.

A delegation from Manifold Tech Limited attended the event and received a million-dollar sponsorship from the University of Hong Kong.

1. Opening Remarks from Distinguished Guests

Distinguished guests from the political, academic, and business sectors graced the event.

Professor Zhang Xiang, the President of the University of Hong Kong, encouraged members of the university to have grand dreams and reiterated the university's commitment to inspiring and nurturing students, graduates, and researchers to bring about positive changes in Hong Kong, the country, and the world.

Professor Sun Dong, the Commissioner for Innovation and Technology of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, praised the initiatives of the University of Hong Kong and made a commitment to promote entrepreneurship and nurture future innovators.

Professor Shen Zuojun, the Vice-President of the University of Hong Kong, announced during the event the official launch of the University of Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Center (Techno-Entrepreneurship Core, TEC) and the HKU Entrepreneurship Engine Fund, along with a series of new measures to promote technological innovation.

Mr. Charles Li, former CEO of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) and a member of the HKU Council, also delivered a keynote speech, sharing entrepreneurial insights.

2. The University of Hong Kong's Support for Manifold Tech

As a 3D reconstruction technology company, Manifold Tech Limited received funding support from the University of Hong Kong in collaboration with the Innovation and Technology Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in the 2022-2023 fiscal year. In the 2023-2024 fiscal year, with the support of the University of Hong Kong and the Innovation and Technology Commission, Manifold Tech once again leveraged funding to drive disruptive technological innovation, making a meaningful and profound impact on human society.

3. Corporate Communication and Showcase

At the event, Manifold Tech showcased its latest technological innovation products and solutions. Dr. Xu Wei, the Chief Technology Officer, provided a detailed introduction to the company's research achievements and their transformation into tangible outcomes. Additionally, the Manifold Tech team engaged in the 'On-the-spot Business Matchmaking' session of the exhibition, engaging in in-depth discussions and negotiations with investors, other enterprises, and industry representatives for potential collaboration.

Note: Dr. Xu Wei, a graduate of the University of Hong Kong's Mechanical and Robotics Systems Laboratory (MaRS LAB), has published over 20 articles in top journals (T-RO, T-CST, Science Robotics, T-MECH, RAL) and conferences. His project, FAST-LIO, was nominated for the Best Paper Award at ICRA 2021, and works based on this framework have won the HILTI-SLAM Challenge championship for two consecutive years.

As a company incubated by the University of Hong Kong, there is a deep and close connection between HKU and Manifold Tech. The University of Hong Kong provides funding and a platform to unleash the innovative potential of the Manifold Tech, while Manifold Tech Technology actively responds to HKU's expectations and support with its cutting-edge products and technologies, aiming to drive industrial transformation and expand its industry influence.

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