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NVIDIA × Manifold Tech | Standing Out from Thousands of Enterprises! Manifold Tech Appears as a Corp

On August 31, 2023, the 2023 NVIDIA Start-up Showcase sponsored by NVIDIA was successfully held in Hong Kong, with Manifold Tech attending as a corporate representative.

The left one is the CMO Rocky holding MindPalace

1.Rigorous selection, standing out from thousands of companies

In 2023, the NVIDIA Startup Exhibition opened registration to Chinese startups planning to use technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, data science, CUDA, DOCA, Omniverse, and those intending to use GPU, DPU, CPU as their computing infrastructure.

The selection process for this start-up exhibition was extremely rigorous, including stages of sub-exhibition, semi-final exhibition, and final exhibition competitions and screenings. Manifold Tech not only passed the rigorous selections but also successfully entered the semi-final exhibition, standing out among many enterprises.

This not only acknowledges Manifold Tech's prowess in the field of 3D reconstruction but also highlights its outstanding performance in technical innovation and industry influence.

List of selected companies

2.Technical exchanges deeply empower selected companies

Luo Jianmin, head of NVIDIA's Hong Kong and Macau Enterprise Division, and Liang Mingxin, Deputy Director of Innovation Manufacturing of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, inaugurated the exhibition with their opening remarks.

Exhibition opening speech

At the exhibition, technical experts from NVIDIA and AWS delved into the latest technologies in the AI/ML field, AI's effectiveness in various industries, and ways to enhance AI/ML development efficiency.

Technical explanation and discussion

Technology sharing

Zhu Min, head of NVIDIA's Startup Acceleration Program in South China, elaborated on how the program accelerates start-up enterprise development by offering product discounts, technical support, marketing, financing matchmaking, and business referrals.

NVIDIA solutions engineer Ban Zhiyong introduced techniques for accelerating large model development using NVIDIA NeMo and strategies for development and accelerating 3D workflows on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

NVIDIA Developer Relations Manager Zhang Tianjing shared cases of NVIDIA's computational acceleration technology in the fields of healthcare and life sciences. This includes the accelerating effect of GPUs in sequencing analysis and genomics research, applications of large language model training and inference in the pharmaceutical domain, and the application of end-to-end software and hardware edge computing solutions in the medical device industry.

Li Yuqian, head of NVIDIA Robotics Industry and Ecosystem, detailed the advantages of the embedded AI computing platform, NVIDIA Jetson. She noted that NVIDIA Jetson has a fully open software stack, rich ecosystem partners, and features like low power consumption, small size, and high performance, facilitating the development of next-generation intelligent robot applications.

NVIDIA Developer Relations Manager Lei Hao introduced the application of the NVIDIA IGX platform in the industrial and medical sectors. He emphasized that NVIDIA IGX is an industrial-grade edge AI platform tailored for industrial and medical environments, boasting robust, secure, and reliable computing, networking, and software capabilities. It includes drivers suitable for commercial operating systems and security extension packages for programming system security functions. Moreover, it can provide long-term enterprise-level support for the overall system stack.

3.NVIDIA ✖️Manifold Tech , Drawing the Blueprint with Technology

NVIDIA and Manifold Tech's technical interactions are not new. Manifold Tech made a mark in its early stages of development, being selected for NVIDIA's Startup Acceleration Program and later chosen for NVIDIA's corporate cases due to technical innovations.

During the corporate selection phase of the exhibition, Manifold Tech, with its advantages in products and technology and after rigorous screenings, was designated as the corporate representative, sharing the story of Manifold Tech to industry experts.

Dr. Xu , CTO of Manifold Tech, conducted technical sharing and exchanges

Zhu Min, head of NVIDIA's Startup Acceleration Program in South China, along with other guests, awarded certificates to Manifold Tech and 11 other roadshow companies.

The third person on the right is Dr. Xu , CTO of Manifold Tech.

With its exceptional technical strength, relentless spirit of innovation, and continuous breakthroughs, Manifold Tech successfully overcame numerous challenges. Not only was it selected for the national semi-final showcase, but it also has the opportunity to go directly to GTC 2024 (GPU Technology Conference, one of the most important GPU technology exchange events in the world).

Manifold Tech looks forward to sharing the story of Chinese enterprises on the international stage and jointly drawing the global blueprint for 3D reconstruction!

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