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Tech Goes Global × Manifold Tech | MindPalace debuts at the global innovation event, Prototypes for Humanity

Manifold Tech recently participated in the global innovation event, Prototypes for Humanity, held at the Dubai International Financial Center.

Manifold Tech Booth

1.Prototypes for Humanity

This event gathered top talents from over 700 universities across more than 100 countries worldwide, including research teams from renowned institutions such as MIT, Harvard University, and Cambridge University. At the glittering Dubai International Financial Center, countless cutting-edge ideas and top technologies converged to jointly address key challenges facing humanity.

Exhibition Site

2.Manifold Tech's Mastery in Smart Manufacturing, An Industry Leader

The milestone product in the 3D reconstruction field, MindPalace, shone brilliantly at this exhibition. Thanks to its advanced multi-sensor fusion algorithm and real-time, high-precision 3D reconstruction capabilities, it attracted many spectators and vividly demonstrated Manifold Tech's technological breakthroughs in the field of 3D scanning and modeling.

Manifold Tech Technological Highlights

Real-Time 3D Reconstruction: The MindPalace can perform 3D reconstructions quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, providing real-time true color point cloud feedback.

Portable Design: The MindPalace's design has been upgraded to eliminate the need for a rotating structure, weighing only 1kg, which makes it easy to operate by hand.

Robust Performance: The MindPalace offers high precision and robustness, with a battery life of up to 4 hours.

Point Cloud and Image Fusion Modeling: Thanks to its seamless integration of point cloud data and images, the MindPalace-360 can quickly and cost-effectively create high-precision models. By optimizing the process, the MindPalace-360 provides a powerful 3D reconstruction solution for various industries and application fields.

The technological depth of the MindPalace goes beyond this. It not only enhances efficiency but also expands its potential applications across various fields, creating a comprehensive, vast, and realistic digital foundation for the digital development of various industries.

3.Global Expansion, Technological Outreach

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Austria, Singapore, Germany, the United States, the UAE... Carrying user recognition and various honors, Manifold Tech is relentless in its global technological journey. Every footprint on the world map is evidence of Manifold Tech's influence.

At the beginning of 2024, Manifold Tech is set to venture overseas, sharing its products and solutions with users and peers in North America. Expanding technology globally, Manifold Tech never stops moving forward.

4.New Product Preview

As a strong contender in the domestic 3D reconstruction field, Manifold Tech's soon-to-be-released new product, Pocket, sets a new benchmark in 3D reconstruction. It is designed to meet the spatial data needs of [all scenarios] [multiple business forms].

New technological forces, innovative industry ideas, all at Manifold Tech!

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