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About Us

Bridge the gap between virtual and reality

Manifold Tech is a high-tech 3D scanning and modeling, robotics, and algorithm company founded in October 2021, originating from the University of Hong Kong's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Systems (MaRS) laboratory. Manifold Tech is a pioneering high-technology company specializing in 3D photogrammetry and robotics and with our state-of-the-art real-time 3D mapping algorithms and advanced robotics technology, they are reshaping the way Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) companies operate and empowering ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) projects to achieve new heights.

At Manifold Tech, the company understands the critical role that accurate and efficient 3D reconstruction plays in the success of AEC projects and the advancement of sustainable initiatives. Their self-developed cutting-edge algorithms enable them to deliver fast and precise 3D reconstruction products and services, revolutionizing the way AEC companies capture, analyze, and visualize spatial data.

Manifold Tech

Our mission

Through its innovative robotics technology, Manifold Tech has created a seamless integration between data acquisition and processing, enabling streamlined workflows and unprecedented levels of efficiency. Whether it's capturing detailed building structures, conducting terrain surveys, or mapping large-scale infrastructure projects, the company's solutions provide the accuracy and speed required to meet the demanding needs of the industry.


Moreover, the team is passionate about driving positive change through their work. By leveraging its expertise and technology, Manifold Tech is actively supporting ESG projects that promote sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental preservation. The company's solutions provide valuable insights and data for urban planning, land conservation, and the development of smart cities, fostering a greener and more sustainable future.




/ World's No. 1 in 2021 & 2022 Hilti Industry benchmark 3D reconstruction challenge



(Technology Startup Support Scheme for University)

/ 2-year participation with the highest votes for investment pitching


Austria Global Incubation Selected Enterprises

/ Ranked 6th place of 150

August 2023

/Reported by Nikkei Asian Review

November 2023

Prototypes for Humanity

December 2023

/Invited by the Dubai government to participate in Prototypes for Humanity

/Awarded the "Honor Enterprise" by NVIDIA in 2023

NVIDIA Startup Showcase

January 2024

/Rated by Intel as the most potential growth company, included in Intel's global solutions

Intel Corporate Growth Acceleration Program Boot Camp

January 2024

/Certified by Hong Kong Construction Industry Council

Hong Kong CITF

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