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Instant 3D reconstruction

Manifold Tech

System Overview

MindPalace-360 is an instant 3D reconstruction invention that can generate building scans with real-time feedback quickly, accurately, and cheaply. Built using real-time 3D mapping algorithms combined with advanced robotics technology, MindPalace-360 is expected to drive huge changes in the real estate sector. 

  • Instant colored point cloud

  • Instant mesh

  • Water bottle size

  • Camera weight

  • Rotary-free

  • Precise and robust

  • 4 hours battery

  • Revolutionary workflow

 Technical Features 

Survey-grade LiDAR Sensor
  • 905nm Laser Wavelength

  • 40m Measuring Range

  • 6mm Accuracy

Two 1080p Industrial Cameras
  • Two Fisheye Cameras

  • True-color and 2D Picturing

Laser Safety Level
  • Class 1 (Eye Safety)

High-Point Cloud Density
  • High precision in captured details

  • Robust and Accurate measurement

  • 1kg for portability

  • Cable-free and quick-release interface

Long-duration scanning operation
  • 4 hours battery

  • Suitable for day and night, indoor and outdoor operation

Surveyed-grade High-precisions LiDAR

With its survey-grade capabilities, MindPalace-360 is a LiDAR sensor equipped with a 905nm laser wavelength, capable of measuring distances up to 40 meters with an impressive accuracy of 1cm, making it ideal for precise and detailed data captured in various applications.

02 / 40m Measuring Range
  • Capable of measuring distances up to 40 meters for any scanning operations

01 / 905nm Laser Wavelength
  • Wide-detection and ranging of objects with its field of range

03 / 1cm Accuracy
  • Captures reliable and detailed data for various applications


Full-frame Industrial Camera

MindPalace-360 features two full-frame industrial cameras specifically designed for capturing high-quality images in industrial settings. Equipped with a fisheye lens, it enables users to obtain true-color, wide-angle, and distortion-free 2D picturing for enhanced visual documentation and analysis purposes.

01 / 1080p Cam
  • High-quality images

02 / True-color
  • Full-frame sensor

03 / Fisheye Lens
  • Wide-angle capture

High-point Cloud Density

MindPalace-360 sets a new standard for its high-point cloud density, allowing for the capture of a vast amount of data points with remarkable precision. With its robust and accurate measurements, it enables users to obtain comprehensive and detailed information for a wide range of applications requiring precise spatial data analysis. 


*3D Point Cloud from Hong Kong History Musuem, Tsim Sha Tsui

Lightweight &
High Laser Safety Level

01 / Cable-free Design

02 / Quick-release interface

03 / Simple Connectivity

04 / Water-bottle size

05 / Class 1 (Eye Safety) ratings


Long Duration Scanning Operations

01 / Day & Night Operations

02 / Indoor & Outdoor Operations

03 / -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)

04 / 4 Hour Battery Life 

Bridge the gap between virtual and reality

*3D Point Cloud from Tai Pak Floating Restaurant

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