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Hong Kong Development Bureau x Manifold Tech | Exciting Innovations Unveiled

On May 9, 2024, Manifold Tech had the honor of presenting at the Hong Kong Development Bureau's event, alongside Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) and Amazon

Web Services(AWS). We showcased groundbreaking advancements in the construction sector, receiving high praise from attendees.

AWS kicked off the event with impressive two-dimensional engineering inspection technology. Then, it was our turn to wow the crowd. Silence fell as our three-dimensional models rapidly rendered on the big screen. The source? A robotic dog equipped with our lightweight scanner, creating high-precision, real-time color 3D models as it moved around the room. The audience was mesmerized!

Our CMO, Mr. Junyuan Shu, took the stage to explain our innovative real-time remote model deployment technology. This allows 3D models and data to be transmitted and displayed real-time across various devices via 5G or shared network connections. The potential applications are vast, from construction site inspections, public safety to disaster recovery, digital twins and virtual reality.

The feedback was overwhelming. Leaders from the Hong Kong Development Bureau and AIS were impressed by the stability and precision of our technology, even in dynamic environments. They emphasized the need for such high-accuracy solutions in the construction industry and expressed interest in promoting our technology across Hong Kong, allowing more construction projects to benefit from this technological innovation and propelling the comprehensive advancement and transformative growth of Hong Kong's construction industry.

Manifold Tech is committed to exploring new technological integrations, working with partners to expand the applications of 3D reconstruction across more industries and scenarios. Stay tuned for more innovations!

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