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Manifold Tech at the Go Austria Event: Bridging Cultures and Technologies

On April 26, 2024, Manifold Tech had the pleasure of reconnecting with the Go Austria program at the China Club in Central Hong Kong. This event was a remarkable opportunity not only to discuss the potential of promoting our 3D scanning technology for the restoration of European heritage buildings but also to foster cultural and technological exchanges between Asia and Europe.

The Go Austria program, initiated by the Austrian Federal Government, supports mid- to late-stage startups from Asia by providing access to the European market. It focuses on technological innovation and leadership, linking startups with investors, incubators, and accelerators to foster the transition of innovative products from early stages to the international market.

As a core "alumni" member of the Go Austria program, Manifold Tech was honored to participate in this tech and cultural exchange meeting and luncheon. We were one of only two Hong Kong companies and one of ten globally selected for the 2023 cohort, out of more than 150 participants. Our CEO, Dr. Youming Qin, and CMO, Mr. Junyuan Shu, engaged in fruitful discussions with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and representatives from eight distinguished European enterprises.

During the luncheon, our executives shared insights on the current state and future prospects of the Asian market, delved into Asian culture and cuisine, and explored the feasibility and practical details of using our technology for the restoration of European heritage building facades.

As a leading international tech company, Manifold Tech is honored to act as a bridge between Asia and Europe. We are dedicated to deepening our local market roots while actively seeking global opportunities. By expanding our product reach and promoting Asian technology and culture globally, we aim to integrate valuable international experiences and technologies back home.

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