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Procurement Discount! Manifold Tech Certified by CITF, Customers Can Enjoy Up to 70% Funding Subsidy!

Currently, Manifold Tech has successfully passed the CITF (Construction Industry Innovation and Technology Fund) certification, marking a significant step forward in technological innovation and industry leadership for Manifold Tech. The CITF certification not only affirms the quality and innovative capability of Manifold Tech's products but also brings substantial benefits to Manifold Tech's customers!

1. What is CITF?

The full name of CITF is "Construction Innovation and Technology Fund." It is a key mechanism designed to encourage the adoption of innovative technologies in the construction industry and enhance the industry's competitiveness. This fund is specifically established to promote the integration of innovative technologies in the construction sector and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry.

Its primary objective is to encourage the construction industry to adopt new technologies, improving project efficiency, quality, safety, and environmental performance. It provides financial support to enterprises and is a significant benchmark for technological innovation in the construction industry. Receiving this certification implies that Manifold Technology's products and services are highly recognized in the industry.

2.Customers can receive up to 70% of funding subsidies.

The CITF certification has opened new development opportunities for Manifold Technology, enabling a broader promotion of advanced 3D reconstruction solutions in the construction industry. It also provides greater economic incentives and support for customers, playing a key role in driving technological advancement and sustainable development within the entire industry.

With the CITF certification, Manifold Technology's clients can now apply for funding subsidies of up to 70%, significantly reducing the cost of technological investment and accelerating project progress. This provides substantial support for enterprises to implement advanced technologies and enhance project efficiency.

3.Subsidy Application Process

①Determine Eligibility: First, confirm that your project or company meets the CITF eligibility criteria.

②Prepare Materials: Gather and prepare necessary documents and information, such as project details, budget plans, etc.

③Submit Application: Fill in and submit the fund application form through the CITF official platform ( e-application platform, along with the required documents.

④Wait for Approval: After submitting your application, wait for the approval process by CITF.

Applications for the "Pre-approved List" are generally notified of the results within 30 calendar days; applications for the "Non-pre-approved List" are typically notified within 60 calendar days.

⑤Enjoy the Subsidy: Once approved, you will receive funding subsidies as stipulated.

Manifold Tech's progress never ceases, as it continues to join hands with partners both domestically and internationally to drive technological innovation and assist in the success of its clients. Through continuous effort and pursuit, it shines on the global technology stage, bringing revolutionary changes to more industries!

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