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NVIDIA × Manifold Tech | Manifold Tech Crowned as the 2023 NVIDIA Ultimate Showcase Honored Enterprise, Deep Technological Cultivation Shapes Industry Milestone

Recently, the 2023 NVIDIA Corporate Showcase came to a perfect conclusion! From East China to South China, from the Central to the Western regions, and from Hong Kong to Beijing, after a five-month evaluation journey, Manifold Tech stood out from hundreds of companies. It took center stage at the ultimate showcase, joyfully receiving the 2023 NVIDIA 'Honored Enterprise' award!

Manifold Tech demonstrated to experts, peers, and investors across various industries the fruits of its years of deep technological cultivation, showcasing the potential applications of its technology in numerous fields. This honor also represents the recognition by many companies, including NVIDIA, of Manifold Tech's achievements in industry exploration.

Manifold Tech, incubated from the MarsLab technology at the University of Hong Kong, specializes in 3D scanning, modeling, robotics technology, and algorithm development. Our core strengths include:

Advanced real-time 3D mapping algorithms: Capable of providing fast, accurate 3D reconstruction services, fundamentally changing the way the AEC industry acquires, analyzes, and visualizes spatial data.

Efficient multi-sensor fusion algorithms: Integrated with neural rendering technology, significantly enhancing the speed and accuracy of 3D reconstruction.

● Globally leading MindPalace technology: Achieves real-time, true-color, lossless 3D reconstruction on handheld devices.

Forging ahead, every honor is the best response to deep technological cultivation. With profound technical accumulation, Manifold Tech will continue to explore and innovate in the field of 3D reconstruction. It is committed to applying these groundbreaking technologies to a wider range of industries and scenarios, contributing more to global sustainable development.

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