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Manifold Tech has garnered global solution recognition from Intel, becoming one of the enterprises with the most growth potential!

Recently, Manifold Tech was honored with the Intel Global Solution Recognition at the closing event of the 2023 Intel Enterprise Growth Acceleration Program (referred to as Intel Innovation Accelerator Camp), and was awarded the title of "Enterprise with the Most Growth Potential." This signifies an important breakthrough for Manifold in the areas of

technological innovation and business potential.

The Intel Innovation Accelerator is a platform initiated by Intel Corporation aimed at accelerating technological innovation and entrepreneurial projects. The program targets top-notch innovative projects in high-tech fields, making the competition usually very intense. Manifold Tech's selection not only received recognition from Intel but also reflects confidence in its own technology.

Since its establishment, Manifold Tech has been committed to technological research and development, striving for continuous improvement. During the project roadshow segment, Manifold Tech's CMO, Rocky, showcased the latest 3D reconstruction solution from Manifold Tech, introducing the workflow of Manifold Tech's 3D reconstruction and its newest MindPalace-Pocket.

The second-generation product, MindPalace-Pocket, builds upon the existing technology base and explores further to achieve the highest accuracy and lightest weight in the industry. The device weighs only 560g and offers millimeter-level precision, providing a novel approach to 3D reconstruction. Not only can it directly read data through a Type-C connection, but it also supports additional platforms (such as panoramic cameras, RTK, GPS, drones, and robots), enabling further data optimization and operational methods.

Through the project roadshow segment, everyone witnessed the industry-leading technology and exceptional product performance of Manifold Tech. Not only did it earn the title of "Enterprise with the Most Growth Potential," but its solutions for 3D reconstruction also received recognition as an Intel Global Solution.

As a leader in the global technology field, the criteria for its global solution selection are extremely stringent. The selection of Manifold Tech not only proves the advanced nature of Manifold Tech's technology but also signifies that Manifold Tech's solutions can play a significant role in a broader international market, aiding global customers in achieving more efficient and intelligent 3D reconstruction.

Manifold Tech will continue to lead in technological innovation. During the Spring Festival period, it will make an appearance at the GEO Week in the United States, working alongside global partners to collectively promote the continuous progress and prosperity of the industry!

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