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NVIDIA × Manifold Tech | Hong Kong Enterprise Representative! Manifold Tech Selected for NVIDIA Corp

On October 19-20, 2023, the "NVIDIA Start-up Showcase - Mid-Term Presentation" was held in Ya'an, Sichuan, organized by NVIDIA.

Manifold Tech, representing outstanding Hong Kong enterprises, was selected for the mid-term showcase, marking its presence at this high-profile technology event.

CTO Dr. Xu Wei at the exhibition site

1. About NVIDIA's Corporate Showcase

This event is designed to discover leading technology start-ups and talents in China. In 2023, after rounds of selection in various cities, only 20 companies, including Manifold Tech, were chosen for the mid-term showcase.

Mid-Term Showcase Venue

2.NVIDIA × Manifold Tech

Manifold Tech was among the select few from over 250 applicants, recognized for its advancements in algorithms and 3D reconstruction technology.

Stay on NVIDIA's Mid-Term Showcase Venue

Using NVIDIA Jetson's computational power, Manifold Tech's MindPalace-360 performs real-time, true-color, lossless 3D reconstruction on handheld devices. Their solutions, enhanced by NVIDIA's support, have significantly improved efficiency in the industry, applicable in various fields from architecture to large-scale infrastructure digital twins.

3.Wisdom for the Future, Computing in Ya'an

Li Yangjun, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee, Director of the Yanzhou New District Management Committee, and Director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee,as well as Liu Nianning, NVIDIA's Global Vice President, both attended the event and delivered speeches.

During its trip to Ya'an, Manifold Tech demonstrated its latest AI 3D reconstruction technology for 3D handheld scanners to national industry experts and investment institutions. The MindPalace scanner showcased the highest precision, efficiency, versatility, robustness, and cost-effectiveness in the industry, offering intelligent and efficient 3D reconstruction solutions and integrated support for accurately digitizing the physical world.

Mind Palace-360

In the project roadshow segment, Dr. Xu Wei, CTO of Manifold Tech, shared the company's story and showcased the latest application solutions of the 3D handheld scanner (MindPalace-360) in unexposed spaces, integrated installation, property management, robotics, VR/XR, and 3D film and entertainment. His presentation received unanimous praise from the professional judges and leaders of the science and technology industry present at the event.

CTO Dr. Xu Wei shared on site

Looking ahead, Manifold Tech is set to present at GTC 2024, ready to share its story on the global stage and contribute to the future of 3D reconstruction technology.

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