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See You in Guangzhou | CHINTERGEO 2023, Manifold Tech is looking forward to meeting you there!

From November 27-29, the CHINTERGEO China Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation Technology Equipment Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou. This event is a highly influential platform for the exchange of surveying and geographic information technology equipment in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Manifold Tech will make an appearance at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Museum.

Highlights of Manifold Tech's Self-Developed Solutions

At this exhibition, Manifold Tech will present its industry-leading high-precision and rapid 3D reconstruction solutions.

01 Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithm

Manifold Tech, with its self-developed efficient multi-sensor fusion algorithm combined with neural rendering technology, rapidly solves polygons. This allows for real-time, high-precision 3D reconstruction solutions in the industry, significantly reducing operational costs and shortening the timeline from months to minutes.


02 Professional Software Suite

Manifold Tech greatly considers user needs, aiming to improve quality and efficiency while reducing repetitive work.

Through the accompanying software MindCloud-Go, users can preview the collection effect and path of real-time true-color point clouds on mobile devices, making adjustments on the fly to enhance efficiency;

Additionally, when paired with MindCloud, it can be used to edit scanned point cloud data. It also supports common formats for various processing software on the market, allowing for one-stop post-processing and easy export.

03 High-Definition Texture Mapping

Manifold Tech, deeply engaged in research, has developed a set of algorithms in response to market demands. After achieving high-precision point clouds, importing them into MindCloud enables one-click generation of high-definition texture maps. This technology provides rapid data content creation for the AR and VR industries. Such maps, as a fundamental infrastructure for 3D interactive content creation, have the potential to revolutionize the entire 3D film and gaming industry.

High definition texture mapping in XR

04 Multi-Payload Platform

The MindPalace-360 is designed with a hot shoe, allowing it to carry external devices such as smartphones, robots, and panoramic cameras, making the payload configuration more flexible!

The latest version of MindPalace-pocket makes its debut at CHINTERGEO, equipped with advanced RTK technology and high-precision GPS, offering unprecedented accuracy and convenience in positioning for users. The product's point cloud density has doubled, and it comes with a camera of up to 4K resolution, delivering a more delicate visual experience. Additionally, MindPalace-pocket uses a Type C charging port for increased charging efficiency, and features a removable battery, with the device weighing only 400g. Pre-orders are now open, and we welcome you to be the first to experience the latest technology! Manifold Tech cordially invites industry insiders and others to visit our booth for a hands-on experience.

Date: November 27-29, 2023

Location: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Museum

Manifold Tech Booth: Hall 3, Booth 3065

From November 27-29 at booth 3065 in Hall 3 of the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Museum, Manifold Tech looks forward to meeting you!

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