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Manifold Tech Uses 3D Modelling Technology to Protect Hong Kong’s Tai Pak Floating Restaurant

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

[Hong Kong, 2023/03/14] – Manifold Tech is delighted to announce a significant breakthrough in the field of heritage preservation. As a global leader in advanced 3D modelling, Manifold Tech is equipped with real-time 3D mapping algorithms and advanced robotics technology that enable us to perform modelling with unparalleled precision, real-time colour accuracy, and robustness, which can also mitigate any disruptions during the scanning process.

Tai Pak Floating Restaurant (太白海鮮舫), an important heritage site in Hong Kong, holds a profound history spanning almost a century, and has served as a distinguished filming location for iconic movies such as Stephen Chow's (周星驰) movie "The God of Cookery" and the renowned James Bond series. As the only remaining giant Chinese-style cruise ship worldwide, Tai Pak Seafood Restaurant represents an irreplaceable maritime heritage following the sinking of its predecessor, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant (珍宝海鲜舫). With dimensions of approximately 170 feet in length and 40 feet in width, it was once a thriving seafood establishment, boasting exceptional historical and heritage value.

Regrettably, the continuation of time has led to the gradual deterioration of Tai Pak Floating Restaurant, necessitating urgent preservation measures. In response to the shareholders and the dedicated conservation efforts in Hong Kong, Manifold Tech has undertaken the crucial responsibility of creating a 3D reconstruction of Tai Pak Floating Restaurant. Our team embarked on a comprehensive mission, utilizing our advanced flagship equipment, MindPalace-360, and within a matter of minutes, the team successfully captured a precise 3D model of the ship’s exterior, ensuring utmost accuracy. Subsequently, the team proceeded with an extensive interior scan, acquiring comprehensive insights into its internal structure of the ship.

As experts in heritage preservation, Manifold Tech is proudly to present our latest innovation, MindPalace-360, as the ultimate solution in the field. Its unrivalled efficiency and precision open up new possibilities in the realm of heritage conservation. MindPalace-360 empowers us to swiftly and accurately generate highly detailed 3D renderings, featuring intricate textures and precise measurements. This innovative technology provides robust support for the preservation and restoration of heritage sites.

Recognizing the significance of heritage conservation, Manifold Tech remains dedicated in the commitment to driving the progress through advanced technological solutions. We firmly believe that by collaborating closely with conservation institutions and relevant stakeholders in Hong Kong, the preservation efforts for Tai Pak Floating Restaurant will yield remarkable outcomes, surpassing all expectations.

The team cordially invites you to follow their official public account and website to stay updated on Manifold Tech's pioneering advancements in the fields of heritage preservation and 3D modelling domains. Let us witness the magnificent moments unfolding in Hong Kong's illustrious heritage conservation together!

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